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Orchestrating the customer journey: Laying the foundations for lifecycle marketing campaigns

Lay the foundations - Midjourney


  • Introduction
  • Develop a deep understanding of your customer
  • Map the customer journey 
  • Identify key metrics for success
  • Harness the power of data
  • Final word


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Charlie Windschill
Charlie Windschill - 

Charlie Windschill is an agile growth marketer with 9+ years of B2B SaaS experience working in the NoAm, EMEA and APAC regions. She specialises in helping startups and scale-ups achieve goals by executing innovative strategies including product-led and content-led growth. A proud marketing generalist, Charlie makes data-informed decisions about which levers to pull and when to drive sustainable growth. Building and scaling channel footprints, creating motivated & engaged teams, and entering new markets – she's done it all for companies including Showpad, Mixpanel, Lattice and Ortto. Charlie's motivated by the joy of building something new and am passionate about marketing's role to contribute at every level of the business.

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