Journey builder templates

A collection of journey builder templates to help you automate messages and actions across the customer lifecycle.

Each journey in our collection is built to help nudge your customer along to take a specific action, whether that’s generating a review after an NPS survey or attending a webinar. We’ve also included actions like Slack notifications, Google Ads audience segment updates, and Salesforce record updates to streamline internal workflows and eliminate data silos across your business.

Building effective journeys is time-intensive and marketers are often stuck on where to start. There’s a lot to think about including optimal wait times, audience splits, conditions, and exit/entry rules. Ortto’s templates take all of this into account, giving you a journey you can use out-of-the-box or customize as needed.

To access Ortto’s library of journeys, sign up or sign in and ensure all necessary data sources are connected. Our journey templates are accessible through the campaigns section of Ortto, or through the template library on site. Once you’ve selected your journey, it will load in the intuitive and user-friendly journey builder where you can make edits to emails, actions, SMS, push notifications, and more.

Ortto’s journey templates are designed to enable anyone to build high-performing customer journeys, regardless of where they sit in the business. Anyone can access real-time demographic and event-based customer data from Ortto’s CDP to ensure messages are relevant and personalized, our pre-designed email, push, and SMS templates take the headache out of designing messages, and simple, visual reports and dashboards ensure every team member is empowered to report on results and make data-driven optimizations.

Sign up to get started with our powerful journey templates today.  Your Ortto subscription will also give you access to a wide range of other template types, including dashboards, reports, emails, and more.

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