Marketing dashboard templates

Track the performance of your website, email marketing, SMS marketing, and more with our collection of free, pre-built marketing dashboard templates. Choose from 11 free templates for dashboards that will help you analyze your key metrics, campaigns, product analytics, and marketing funnels.

With so many reports and metrics to keep across, Ortto's pre-built dashboards provide an easy, uncomplicated way to capture the health of the business at a glance.

Marketing dashboards allow you to gain a real-time overview of how your marketing activities are performing and make smarter decisions driven by data. Dashboards are an essential tool for optimizing your marketing campaigns and identifying new opportunities to drive business growth.

Ortto’s marketing dashboard templates pull data from a range of different sources, giving you a complete picture of your marketing performance at any given time.

  • Website activity: Use this analytics dashboard to track website and user sessions, with a detailed traffic summary.
  • Email performance: Monitor your deliverability metrics over time and gain valuable insights into your email reputation.
  • Subscriber trends: Track trends on your emailing market list, including the email campaigns where subscribers are churning.
  • SMS performance: Monitor your SMS performance across campaigns, including click rates and unsubscribes.
  • Live chat analytics: Check the average rating of your conversations and conversion rates.

Use Ortto’s marketing dashboard templates as a base for your reporting. With a variety of report templates to choose from, you can build a customized dashboard to fit all the business critical KPIs you need to keep an eye on.

Want to start using one of our free marketing dashboard templates? Simply sign up to Ortto for free today or log in to your account, and you’ll gain access to the full library of playbooks, plus 100s of other free marketing templates, including report templates, email marketing templates, and marketing playbook templates.

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