Marketing playbook templates

Playbooks help you send emails at the right time based on criteria. Discover our collection of marketing playbook templates and save time with pre-built email series to help you nurture prospects, onboard new customers, and reengage inactive subscribers.

Choose from one of 15 pre-built free marketing playbook templates and build automatic email campaigns to specific audience segments of prospects or customers at a regular cadence throughout the customer lifecycle. You can use our playbook templates as they are, or customize them to suit your needs.

Playbooks are easy to set up. Just choose a template and then set your entry criteria. Then you can put in place extra direction as to who receives the email, if the email expires or how often your prospects or customers can receive the message. They will exit the playbook by either taking the required action, or after they’ve received all of the message in the series.

Messages in playbooks are intended to be sent at a regular cadence, designed to keep your audience engaged by sending regular messages over a period of time - from days, weeks, or months. This makes playbooks a great choice to use for nurture campaigns for new subscribers, onboarding series for users who have started a free trial, or reengaement campaigns for inactive questions.

Why choose a playbook template over a journey? The advantage of a playbook is you can keep adding new messages to your series, and it will continue to roll through when customers or leads meet the entry criteria for the playbook. For example, if you are running a nurture playbook, you might want to add in a new message that relates to new blog content you publish.

Playbooks are best for creating an automated email experience that can be sent at a regular cadence. If you need something more complex that includes both customer communications and notifications to internal departments, then you might want to try one of our journey templates.

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