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Understand what’s working, and why

Build reports and dashboards using all of your data to understand what happened and why.

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analytics and dashboards

Answer hard questions, easily.

How it works

Answer hard questions, easily 


Create reports using all of your customer data


Add reports to dashboards and set team goals


Align your team with shared reports and Slack updates

Empower your team with data

Most reporting software is never used because it’s too hard. Ortto empowers your whole team to discover data insights.

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Start from a template

Browse report & dashboard templates to help you visualize and understand your data. Report on everything from campaign attribution to MRR movements.

Set goals

Using the metric report type you can set goals for your team for a given time period. As you progress towards your goal the rainbow dial with close.

Share reports & dashboards

Using a unique URL, you can easily share reports and dashboards with people who are not using Ortto. Share a quick insight or key metrics with your board.

Put your metrics on the big screen

With TV display mode, you can get a unique URL for your office display that will refresh automatically at key intervals. Set goals and visualize your progress on the big screen.

Setup notifications

Help align your team to your goals with dashboard and report notifications. Notifications can be delivered by email or directly into a Slack channel every day, week or month.

Customize dashboards

Design the perfect dashboard with a drag and drop interface. Display reports side by side or wide screen, and set specific or automatic time frames for each report.


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Why Ortto?

““Something that might have otherwise taken an ops team, a database manager, and a lot of time, we now have at our fingertips, and we can move really nimbly. Really, the sky’s the limit.

Ari Goldstein
Marketing Ops Manager at Mosaic