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Retention & Revenue Series Part III: Why video libraries are a must-have for your customer-facing teams

Supporting your customer-facing teams with content


  • Introduction
  • Why building a video library into your product dashboard experience is effective for retention
  • Mistakes to avoid (and recommendations)
  • Experiments and optimizations to consider trying


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Dan Siepen
Dan Siepen - 

Dan Siepen is a growth marketer from Sydney with over 8+ years of experience across SaaS and eCommerce/DTC. He’s obsessed with all things SaaS marketing, working with some of Australia’s (and overseas) fastest-growing (and very exciting) startups. Plus, he loves and enjoys mentoring startups/entrepreneurs, as well as knowledge sharing across the ever-changing/fast-moving landscape of growth marketing. Make sure to check out his site for awesome growth marketing resources (they’re really great)."

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