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The clean up: What marketers get wrong about email list cleaning

How to clean an email llist


  • Introduction
  • Common misconceptions: What “list cleaning” is NOT
  • What is the actual goal of list clean up and why does it matter?
  • Four steps to actually clean your lis


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Travis Hazlewood
Travis Hazlewood - 

Travis Hazlewood is a writer and expert in email deliverability with 4+ years of multi-platform deliverability experience. His focus over that time has been wide-ranging, from global-platform reliability to one-off spam-filtering issues for senders. He has regularly written blogs and co-authored an ebook, which consistently focuses on humanizing a very technical and theoretical field. His passion is in educating and strengthening senders in the email space to earn high engagements by following best practices that honor and respect subscribers as people.

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