Typeform integration with Ortto
Introducing Typeform for Ortto

Ortto’s new integration with Typeform will help you leverage data and actions from your forms, quizzes and surveys to create more meaningful connections. Here we explore how it works and why you should start using it today.

field-based reports
How to create reports based on fields in your CDP

Ortto’s latest reports update allows you to aggregate and track specific customer field (like language preference or plan type) sizes over time. Learn how to use this new reporting type and some common use cases.

How to use custom fields
8 things custom fields will tell you about your customer's behavior

When you create custom fields, you can get a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior to create more personalized experiences.

What's new at Ortto
Ortto New Product Updates August 2022

Check out our latest product updates including custom domain tracking, AI labs subject line tool, conversion destinations, SMS sender ID, and so much more.

conversion destinations
How to use the new conversion destinations feature in Ortto

Easily set up conversion tracking in your ad platforms with our new conversion destination feature.

multi language email marketing
Multi-language email marketing now available

Ortto now offers multi-language support for your email marketing. Here’s how it works.

New integrations, report options, and more
New integrations, report options, and more

Check out our July product updates including Chargebee and Twitter integrations, four new report options, HTML email upload, retention audiences and more.

Customer journeys vs playbooks
Two questions to ask before deciding to use a playbook or journey

We explore these two campaign types and share tips for choosing the one best suited for your customer experience.

customer journey audiences
12 audiences every SaaS business needs

Ortto’s audiences feature helps you to organize and categorize your contacts in many ways, including by stages in your customer journey. Here are 12 audience types to create today.

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“We were looking for a solution that was really easy to use, didn’t require a tech team, and would have a robust integration with Salesforce so we could trigger sales communications in a smarter way. Nobody else out there has what Ortto has.

Mica Shtewi
Tech Manager
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