B2B sales email marketing templates

A collection of free email templates for B2B. From essential communications like preference updates and recurring reminders to campaigns that drive conversions and leads.

Email marketing in B2B requires attracting the attention of customers with overflowing inboxes and little time to spare. This means every email you send should be concise, direct, and optimized for results. Email templates can help you fast-track the design process to get a high-performing email into inboxes without delay.

Each of Ortto’s B2B email templates have been created based on best practices.  For example, where click-through is the primary goal, we’ve used an inverse triangle design to direct the eye to the CTA button. Essential communications like preference updates are simple and to the point.

This library of free and fully customizable B2B email includes a B2B eBook downloads template, recurring reminder, welcome and onboarding email templates, personalized signature email template, sales email template B2B, and more. Each template can be personalized with customer data from integrations like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Recurly.

Our templates are easy to use and do not require the help of a design or dev team. Once you sign up or sign in and select the template, you can apply brand book styling to instantly update colors, fonts, headers, and footers. From there, update copy and images where required, edit the subject line using suggestions from Ortto’s AI subject line writer, and build a targeted audience segment.

With the ability to ship more email campaigns in less time and intuitive reports and dashboards, teams across your B2B organization will quickly discover what’s working and why.

Sign up today to get access to our entire collection of B2B email templates, as well as a wide range of other template types including dashboard templates, push notification templates, journey templates, and report templates.

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