transactional emails

Mission critical emails, delivered

Send transactional emails with confidence. Mark emails as transactional or send directly through our transactional email API.

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A complete transactional email solution

How it works

Acomplete transactional email solution


Mark emails as transactional and send from Ortto

Automating Transactional Emails within a Journey


Automate transactional emails within a journey

Marking Emails as Transactional

Use our API to deliver transactional emails

Using API to Deliver Transactional Emails
Use a seperate IP to isolate your transactional emails
Deliver messages reliably, at scale and with speed


What are transactional emails?
Who uses transactional emails?
Types of transactional emails
Why Ortto?

“Migrating to Ortto gave us access to dedicated sender IP, meaning far better deliverability, and a better mail designer which meant our emails converted better.

Jan Uwland
Head of Marketing at TAXIBOX
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