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How switching from MailChimp to Ortto helped TAXIBOX turn customer behavior into instant sales


Increase in reviews


Open rate


Conversion rate
TaxiBox Customer Story


Increase in reviews


Open rate


Conversion rate

Faced with a data dilemma, performance tracking issues and the need for more flexibility in their marketing automation, TAXIBOX made the swap to Ortto and supercharged their email marketing.

One of the things that I wanted to do as soon as I joined TAXIBOX was migrate off of MailChimp. The business had just out-grown it, which I assume is something you hear quite often.

Jan Uwland, Head of Marketing

TAXIBOX is Australia’s leading mobile storage provider, providing solutions across the storage industry including mobile storage, on-site storage, interstate moving and refrigerated storage. 

When Jan Uwland, Head of Marketing started at TAXIBOX, he immediately spotted a huge opportunity that would require migrating off an email marketing automation platform the company had been using for years.

“One of the things that I wanted to do as soon as I joined TAXIBOX was migrate off of MailChimp. The business had just out-grown it, which I assume is something you hear quite often.”

As an incredibly tech-savvy business, TAXIBOX were facing a data dilemma; they were unable to make full use of data and actions from their tech stack to segment audiences, send the right message at the right time, and track their progress.

“We have customer actions that happen offline (literally in a warehouse, on a forklift…), online, and strictly in the database and we needed to get those to actually communicate with the emails and have a working relationship with how the emails are sent, as well as the customer’s interaction with the emails.”

Making the swap from MailChimp to Ortto

“You see a lot in the marketing automation cloud space that is heavily focused on ecommerce. We’re different. We’re a tech-savvy business with our bookings fully online. We have a tech suite internally, our own inbuilt CRM, and we use large storage management software, that is often not plug-and-play with the modern marketing suites you see available to ecomm and mobile app players.” Jan shares.

This tech stack is necessary to keep TAXIBOX working as efficiently as it does, but they needed a very flexible marketing automation suite that could help them make the most of it. After looking at the different options available, Jan narrowed it down to and Ortto.

“I was looking at which would require us to use a separate CDP, or Ortto which kept everything centralized, meaning I didn’t need to pay for and play Mr. Multi-Plug Man with Segment. The answer was obvious.”

And so the migration process began.

“The implementation process was pretty straightforward. The customer support team has been helpful. We had a busy year with a few bottlenecks with our internal development team, but still, we had activities that came through the API and activities that came through the web very quickly. All that was super dev and marketing friendly.”

Gaining insights to drive a 58% increase in reviews

With implementation complete, Jan started seeing the benefits instantly.

“MailChimp was not able to bring in rich events from multiple sources to give us an accurate understanding of the effectiveness of emails. We wanted to get a deeper understanding of which emails were performing, not just for clicks and opens, but for all the other metrics that mattered to our business.” Jan shared.

The insights gained from this visibility on performance are one thing, but it was Jan’s ability to quickly implement changes in an improved environment that really took things to another level.

“Migrating to Ortto gave us access to dedicated sender IP, meaning far better deliverability, and a better mail designer which meant our emails converted better. Plus, understanding the conversion flows attributed in email meant that we could chop and change designs to improve conversion in our review generation emails.”

With these changes, the team was able to optimize every email and drive a 58% jump in reviews for TAXIBOX.

The highly-targeted campaigns that drove significant revenue in uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every marketer to pivot, and pivot again. TAXIBOX, as a storage company that services on-site storage, mobile storage for moves or renovations, and refrigerated storage for events and parties, faced a particularly difficult set of challenges during this time.

But with Ortto, finding super-specific audiences, testing campaigns, and tracking the results can happen as quickly as you need it to.

“This is, to me, the point of having all of our data in one CDP and marketing automation platform. When Melbourne went back into lockdown, we thought, ‘There’s a lot of uncertainty around, let’s find everyone who has either created a quote for an interstate move, viewed the interstate moving page as a known contact, or started and not completed a booking that was on an interstate move in the past 30 days.” Jan shared.

During this time of uncertainty, this highly-targeted segment received an email confirming that TAXIBOX is doing 100% contactless interstate moves during lockdown.

“We found 1700 people that had active quotes, and we attributed 10 sales in a single email. It was a 10-15 minute job that generated thousands in revenue of high-value sales. It’s that highly-targeted campaign without the chaos of SQL that we simply couldn’t do with any other tool.”

Since then, this strategy — slicing through multiple types of data to develop super-specific audiences and targeting them with personalized, relevant messaging – has been implemented at TAXIBOX again and again, driving sales without the unsubscribes that come with mass sends. 

For example, after being completely booked out through December, Jan created an audience segment that included every customer that had a failed booking. In January, when the calendar opened up, this segment was sent an email that generated a 60.7% open rate and 8 high-value sales. 

The email that converts 16.2% of new leads

While these circumstantial email campaigns are driving results with targeted audiences in TAXIBOX’s existing audience, there’s another automated email series in place that is turning leads into customers. 

This offer code Playbook sends every customer who submits their details in a lead gen form an exclusive offer. If they don’t redeem the code, they are sent a reminder and a use cases email that reminds them of the various services TAXIBOX offers.

The unique offer code is automatically generated using Ortto’s Webhook, saving Jan and the team countless hours every week and ensuring every customer who submits the form receives their own unique code. 

That first email in the series has a 63.7% open rate, 11.7% click-through rate, and a huge 16.2% conversion rate. Given that studies show that only 10-15% of leads ever turn into sales, this first email alone is already beating the benchmark without the need for additional lead nurturing or human intervention. 

With this Playbook, Ortto is doing exactly what it was built to do — save TAXIBOX time and money while driving growth for their business. 

Taxibox Email Marketing

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