Marketing analytics report templates

Report templates to help you get insight into campaign metrics, model attribution with cohorts and understand the customer journey with funnels.

Make building and creating reports much easier with Ortto’s marketing analytics templates. Choose from over 120 free and fully customizable templates in our library, covering a wide range of industries and supporting integrations with several different platforms.

Reports are a critical part of running effective marketing campaigns - it gathers together key campaign metrics and insights for analysis and provides you with the opportunity to review and pivot your campaigns as necessary. There is a huge range of reports that provide useful stats for marketing teams, but creating these reports from scratch can be time-consuming.

Our templates allow you to quickly build the reports you need, to understand how you’re performing against the specific goals of your campaign. Ortto’s library of free marketing analytics report templates saves you time. Rather than starting from scratch, use our templates to pull together the report you need, reviewing open rates, conversion rates, engagement, website user sessions and much more.

Our marketing analytics report templates can be used exactly as they are: just open one up, and you’re ready to go. They are also completely customizable, so you can add filters or break down your data as needed to create a more tailored report to help you review your performance.

Have a collection of reports you regularly review? As well as our marketing analytics report templates, you’ll marketing dashboard templates in our template library. Log into your free Ortto account, click your chosen template and start creating.

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