New customers welcome email templates

A collection of free email templates to help your business welcome new customers — including simple welcome messages and complex onboarding flows.

Welcome emails are one of the most-opened emails for brands. They leave that all-important first impression and can set the tone for the relationship that follows. Get it right and you will make a great first impression, setting the tone for all communications that follow. Get it wrong and your customer could decide to skip past important emails that follow.

It’s important to remember that many customers will have received lead nurture emails, promotions, or sales communications in the lead up to their decision to become a customer, so they are likely familiar with your brand and what you stand for. A welcome email can reiterate why they decided to become a customer, showcasing your brand values and product benefits, while giving your new customer some tips for getting the most out of your product or service.

SaaS businesses will want to include one or more items to kick off the onboarding process. This initial welcome email will generally be followed by a series of emails, in addition to on-site pop-ups and notifications, that guide the new user through setup and set them on their path to value realization.

Our collection of welcome and onboarding emails are free, easy to customize, and implement best practices for design and messaging. Each email can be personalized using customer data from integrations like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Recurly.

To get started with your welcome email or onboarding sequence, select a template and sign up or sign in to get started. Your brand book settings will be applied, allowing you to focus on editing the messaging and images. With all your customer data in one place, it’s easy to build audience filters that ensure the right customer gets the right welcome message.

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