Why you should incorporate data reports, progress updates, and gamification into your customer comms.
Retention & Revenue Series Part IV: How gamification can supercharge adoption

Harness the potential of gamification to motivate your different user cohorts and increase annual revenue per user.

The retention mindset eBook
How growth marketers can pivot from acquisition to retention for sustainable growth

Discover the key to sustainable growth: retention. In the current economic environment, learn why focusing on retention is vital for marketers. Dive into this guide and explore expert insights and actionable tactics to reduce churn for long-term success.

Retention & Revenue Series Part I: Why mastering the onboarding experience still provides the best results
Retention & Revenue Series Part I: Why mastering the onboarding experience still provides the best results

Learn how checklists, checkpoints, and progress bars can boost user activation and retention in your SaaS product. Get real-world examples, avoid common mistakes, and optimize your onboarding process to increase revenue.

Retention & Revenue Series - Personalization
Retention & Revenue Series Part II: How segmentation and personalized support can drive long-term loyalty

Discover the power of personalized customer support for SaaS businesses. Learn why it's crucial for boosting retention and revenue, and get actionable tips for scaling customer education.

Supporting your customer-facing teams with content
Retention & Revenue Series Part III: Why video libraries are a must-have for your customer-facing teams

Discover how a video library can improve retention and empower users to learn quickly, while also helping your customer success team. Learn more in this blog post on leveraging content for specific user cohorts and segments.

B2B SaaS marketers are focusing on retention in the current economic environment.
Retention strategies B2B SaaS marketing leaders are leveraging to weather the downturn

The economic downturn has seen many SaaS marketing leaders pivoting from the “growth at all costs” mentality that has dominated the tech sector for the past decade and shifting their focus to how sales and marketing can support onboarding and retention.

How to Increase customer loyalty
A three-step guide to improving customer loyalty and improving retention

One of the easiest ways to increase profits, improve sales success and ensure sustainable growth is to increase customer loyalty. We’ll tell you how.

win back email campaigns - blog image
4 tricks to win back inactive customers

Do you keep spending money acquiring new customers over and over again? What if all you need is to win back inactive ones?

Customer lifetime value formula
5 ways to increase customer lifetime value

Want to acquire and retain highly valuable customers? You’ll need to get your head around customer lifetime value.


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“We were looking for a solution that was really easy to use, didn’t require a tech team, and would have a robust integration with Salesforce so we could trigger sales communications in a smarter way. Nobody else out there has what Ortto has.

Mica Shtewi
Tech Manager
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