SaaS email templates – onboarding & engagement

A collection of free email templates for SaaS. From welcoming new users to converting trials into paying subscribers.

In SaaS, email marketing success often relies on nudging leads and customers to take a specific action: Attend this webinar, log in to start your free trial, use this new feature — the list goes on and on.

Each email template in our collection was built and optimized with SaaS business objectives like these top of mind. We have analyzed the results of countless email campaigns to identify a format that is proven to work. Using our email templates will speed up your output and increase open and click-through rates.

Our library of free, customizable email templates includes welcome and onboarding guides, new feature releases, nudge-to-action emails, discounts and offers, free trial expiry and recurring reminders, and webinar flows. Many templates include easy-to-use dynamic content fields allowing you to personalize email content using data from integrated platforms, like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Recurly

A positive SaaS onboarding experience is a major contributor to retention and customer advocacy, so we have developed email templates that help you share onboarding guides and nudge users to take specific product-qualifying actions.

The success of a feature launch relies on a successful announcement campaign, including feature release emails. Our SaaS new feature release email templates are optimized for feature adoption with clear, eye-catching designs and calls to action.

Our SaaS email template library also includes essential communications like promotional emails, transactional emails, reminders, and content-sharing emails. We’ve also included a simple SaaS message template that can be customized for just about any use case.

Using Ortto’s templates is easy. Sign up or sign in to gain access to the complete library of SaaS email marketing templates. When you select a template, your brand book settings will be applied to speed up the customization process and ensure consistency across communications. From there, you can easily make additional edits or layer in personalization using your customer data.

Your Ortto subscription will also give you access to a wide range of other template types, including SaaS dashboard templates, templates for SaaS startups, Salesforce journey builder templates, Push notification templates, and more.

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