Pop-up window, survey, form, & in-app chat message templates

Capture helps you build and deploy personalized pop-ups, forms, surveys and in-app messages on your website or in your app.

Gathering zero party data is essential to effective marketing in an era of increasing privacy restrictions. Pop-up windows, surveys, forms and in-app messages offer a variety of ways to gather reliable, privacy-compliant data.

Our library of pop-up windows and survey templates has been created based on best-practice marketing principles to provide templates that will easily capture data and result in conversions.

The most effective pop-up forms have a clear intent, so customers understand what they’ll gain by filling out the form. They are short and to-the-point to keep customers interested and engaged. Marketers should also consider audience behavior once they are on their site - placement of the pop-up also plays a role in how users will engage with it (this includes making sure pop-ups are effectively scaled for mobile). The best forms offer something in return for customer details, such as high-value content, time with a solutions expert or the chance to win a prize.

Ortto’s library contains nearly 100 different types of pop-up templates and survey templates, including popular formats like:

  • Subscribe banners

  • Event registration pop-up

  • New user welcome pop-up

  • NPS and CSAT surveys

  • Notification opt-ins

To access these templates, simply sign up for a free Ortto account. Once you’re done, head to the pop-up template library, where you can choose your template, customize it, and start using it.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Ortto’s library. Find hundreds of templates, including email marketing, marketing dashboard and marketing report templates.

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