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Unlock your customer, trial, subscription, charge and invoice data so you can see what activities and actions are linked to revenue.


When you connect to Recurly, you’ll unlock all of your customer, trial, subscription, charge and invoice data. It gives you the ability to craft highly personalized and relevant messages across the customer lifecycle, and unleashes powerful data visualization and segmentation.

We’ve included templates for Audiences, Dashboards, Reports and Playbooks to help you get started. The templates cover everything from SaaS analytics to playbooks that help onboard and welcome new customers.

All of your Recurly data connects to your customer data platform (CDP) in Ortto which means once complex questions such as “which UTM campaign led to the most trials?” or “which product activity led them to buy?” can now be answered and visualized with just a few clicks.

With built in revenue attribution for campaigns across the customer lifecycle, you’ll be able to see the exact MRR contribution of every email you send from onboarding to retention.


These leading brands are growing with Ortto

These leading brands are growing with Ortto

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g2 stars

The integration with Google Ads is amazing. Ortto is a lead scoring and interaction tracking platform which provides all the means for easy business production enhancement.

Santiago G - G2 Review
g2 stars

Ortto gives you unparalleled power to customize the journey to maximize conversions. It's pretty much 1-to-1 marketing on autopilot.

G2 Review - Leni N
g2 stars

The templates are very intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to learn more about how to use this platform. In addition, it allows the creation of more creative and personalized email marketing and digital marketing campaigns.

G2 Review - Alexandra W