How to integrate with PrestaShop in just a few clicks

PrestaShop Integration


Access your PrestaShop back office.


Install the Ortto module in PrestaShop. Wait until the configure Ortto menu item appears before proceeding.


Sign into Ortto, the Ortto accounts page appears then click the Ortto account to integrate with your PrestaShop site.


When syncing your data appears, click done and your Ortto account will now be connected to your PrestaShop site.

Connect your Prestashop customer data to unlock growth

Our data sources allow you to track the most
important customer activities, and send
automated, personalized omnichannel messages,
All within one, centralized "back end".

With our Prestashop integration you can...

Send highly personalized omnichannel messages

Send highly personalized omnichannel messages

Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Setup automated abandoned email sequences

Setup automated abandoned email sequences

Re-engage customers and recover lost revenue.

See drop-off points in the purchase process

See drop-off points in the purchase process

Build funnels and cohorts that show and drop off points to optimize.

About Prestashop

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce

PrestaShop is an open source ecommerce platform, committed to providing the best shopping cart experience for both merchants and customers. PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution in Europe and Latin America.

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    App website

    App website

    Integration built by Ortto

    Integration built by Ortto

    Best for ecommerce

    Best for ecommerce

    Superpower is it's an ecommerce solution 100% owned by you.

    Superpower is it's an ecommerce solution 100% owned by you.

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    When you connect to Prestashop, you'll be able to see a single, 360 view of your customer. Simply switch on prebuilt marketing campaigns to recover abandoned carts, welcome new customers, send happy birthday discounts, turn browsers into buyers and more. Your emails will automatically be styled like your website. And the best part—attribution is built right in—you'll be able to attribute revenue to your marketing campaigns.

    With Prestashop and Ortto you'll be able to:

    • Bring together all your data in a single customer view

    • Segment key audiences so you can grow your store with repeat purchases and lookalikes

    • Automate campaigns to grow your business

    • Attribute the campaigns that help your business grow

    • Make data-driven decisions using our reporting, analytics and dashboards

    When you connect the Prestashop data source, all of your customer records from Prestashop will be synced and a new object will be added to your customer data platform where you can view all of the relevant fields from Prestashop.

    You will see the following activities and full details for each activity including;

    • Abandoned cart

    • Abandoned checkout

    • Added product to cart

    • Back in stock

    • Checkout started

    • Placed order

    • Order cancelled

    • Order fulfilled

    • Order refunded

    • Ordered product

    • Viewed product

    • Waiting on stock


    These leading brands are growing with Ortto

    These leading brands are growing with Ortto

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