Website tracking software

Website tracking software

See how your users are interacting with your website. Ortto allows you to safely track the behavior and actions of your audience in real-time. Once collected, this customer data will aid you in creating personalized content and targeted advertising.

website tracking software
website tracking software

Capture visitor data

Ortto’s web tracking software is fundamental to monitor, gain and capture visitor data. Track your user’s interactions and take immediate action on the insights you discover.

website tracking software

A complete view of your users

Get a behind-the-scenes look at your website audience by adding a tracking code. Determine which website visitors are known or anonymous and how each engages with your content.

Website Tracking Software

Interact with users in real-time

Web tracking software gives you the ability to message and interact with website visitors on specific pages using pop-ups, forms and direct messaging. Without adding a tracking code, you’re essentially shooting in the dark.

Learn more about your website visitors in real-time with website tracking software

Increase conversion performance

View the web pages that both anonymous and known contacts visit. Convert them into customers with a proactive pop-up tailored to their behaviors and actions taken on the website.

Capture new leads

Form capture allows you to instantly track, capture and save leads from web pages, blog posts or landing pages. Then automatically add new leads and subscribers to your journeys to ensure no one is left behind.

Trigger journeys

Connect personally, when it matters. Add customers to a list and trigger a journey based on the web pages they visited or a call-to-action they clicked, then personalize messages across the entire customer journey.

See activities for every action

Understand your customers better with user behavior tracking. Measure the performance of marketing campaigns by tracking UTM parameters and see when someone visits a page, clicks an email or fills out a form.

Capture more customer information

Build a foundation of information to be used in segmentation by time stamping when contacts are engaging with your website and emails. This will help when surfacing hot leads or add an extra layer of intelligence to your lead scoring.

Easy-to-read reporting and analytics

Use Ortto’s data visualization tools to gain insights and share reports to make data-driven decisions with your team. Easily build reports to track all key customer metrics across the customer journey.


Will I need technical experience to set up website tracking software and use Ortto?

In short, no. Ortto’s marketing automation tools are easy to use with no coding skills required. Many of our integrations including website tracking software can be activated in just a few clicks, our drag-and-drop canvas is intuitive for your ease, and our analytics and reporting tools can be used by anyone in the business. If you do require help, our help pages and support team are here for you.

How much does Ortto’s website tracking software cost?

Ortto offers plans for every business type and price. If you’re just getting started with marketing automation, try out our Free plan. For small businesses, our Campaign tier starts at $29 a month, with 2,000 contacts and 8,000 emails a month. Our Business plan offers 20,000 contacts and 80,000 monthly email sends. All our plans are month to month, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Visit our pricing pages to compare plans and find the right solution for you.

How does Ortto’s website tracking software compare against others?

Ortto brings all of your data sources together in one platform to ensure nothing is missed when using the website tracking software to monitor and collect information about your users in real-time. Your team is then empowered to make better marketing decisions to create personalized content and targeted advertising at every customer touchpoint. Our platform brings the customer data platform, marketing automation, and analytics and reporting together in one beautiful platform.

Is Ortto right for my business?

Whether you’re a one-person business with 100 contacts or a large-scale enterprise with 1 million contacts, Ortto’s marketing automation platform will fit your needs. We have a wide range of plans available, and can scale with you. Start for free today, or request a demo to view our enterprise-level offering.

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