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Get a complete view of everyone involved

We've designed a unified customer data platform for nonprofits, that helps you engage at the right moment to connect with donors, supporters, volunteers and affiliates.

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Unleash the power of your customer data with one click integrations:

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Understand your audience with a single customer profile

Our customer data platform combines demographic, firmographic, behavioral and transactional data to help you truly understand your audience and engage in the righth moments.

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Unify data with a CDP

Unlocking all of your audience data, every team across your organization can benefit from a unified single view.

Target and grow the right audiences

You'll be able to understand and segment the audiences to target across your organization. From subscribers to donor leads - you'll be able to activate and engage to grow faster.

Track engagement with activities

Understand your audience beyond fields in a database. Track all transactional and behavioral activities and see the engagement of each person and organization.

Deliver personalized omnichannel experiences

Delight your audience at every stage of their journey, automate with personalized messages and actions to deliver a consistent experience.

Personalize the experience

Build a digital-first experience by personalizing every engagement with your audience.

Reach them on every channel

Activate email, SMS, popups and retargeting messages across the entire journey.

Attribute revenue to each campaign

Demonstrate success beyond open rates. See attribution and conversion rates for every campaign.

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Use data visualization to understand your impact across the organization

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Answer once unanswerable questions

Easily build reports that answer questions that span across all of your data. For example, "Which UTM campaign had the biggest impact on donations?".

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Track all of your goals with dashboards

Combine all of the most important metrics on a single dashboard. Easily set goals and share dashboards with your team and members.

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Boost productivity

Spend less time on reporting and more time on what you do best — helping people.

Empower your whole team with data

With your audience data accessible, you can develop a data-driven approach to help you raise more resources and help more people.

Join thousands of brands delivering a better customer experience

These leading brands are growing with Ortto

A complete solution for nonprofits

Build and track engagement scores

Use a combination of activities to build engagement scores for each person and organization. Measure and act on engagement.

Track revenue contribution for each campaign

See how each automated campaign contributes to increasing donations and retaining members with built-in revenue attribution.

Personalize emails with ALL your data

Easily add dynamic fields to messages including personal details, donation information and important dates.

Use A/B testing to improve campaigns

Optimize campaigns with subject line, body content and revenue contribution A/B testing.

Track engagement

Use our engagement score to track member engagement. Automate campaigns when engagement drops.

Measure email sentiment with reactions

Allow subscribers to give feedback on every email you send. Use feedback and sentiment to improve your content.

Write high open rate subject lines with AI

We've trained our AI to help you write better subject lines. Get automatic suggestions to drive your open rates higher.

Reach more members with SMS

Send SMS confirmations, surveys and reminders to your members. Start and respond to SMS conversations.

Get a single customer profile

See a single profile for your donors, supporters, volunteers and affiliates using data from across the entire organization.

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"With this tool, we can create customized workflows for different campaigns we run in our organization. It has an easy interface, which allows even a beginner to put their hands on it."
- Adityaa S

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"The templates are very intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to learn more about how to use this platform. In addition, it allows the creation of more creative and personalized email marketing and digital marketing campaigns."
- Alexandra W

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"I find Ortto to be a great ally in my marketing strategies as I can plan email campaigns and it has a great automation service as well as sequence."
- Francisco G

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