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Enhancing your marketing strategy with AI: Real-world examples and best practices

Learn from top marketing leaders how to enhance your marketing strategies with AI. Discover the benefits and best practices for implementation to unlock your team's full potential and elevate your marketing performance.

Discover the importance of using data for product-led growth (PLG) with Alex Poulos, CRO at Madkudu. Learn about real-time and just-in-time data, the data stack, and how to bridge the data gap. Gain insights on how to empower your go-to-market team to own their access to data and make data-driven decisions.
Building a data-driven product-led growth strategy: Advice from Alex Poulos, CMO at Crossbeam

Discover the importance of using data for product-led growth from Alex Poulos, CMO at Crossbeam. Learn how to bridge the data gap and gain insights on how to empower your go-to-market team to own their access to data and make data-driven decisions.

Sean Whitney discusses operationalizing data to build Figma's sales function on the Grow With It podcast.
Sean Whitney on operationalizing data to build Figma’s sales function

Identifying and structuring the right data to educate a sales team, product team, and growth team is something Sean Whitney, Principal at Craft Ventures, knows all about.

How to avoid email subscriber burnout.
How to avoid subscriber burnout and keep your email engagement rates up

While there are some organic and unavoidable causes for "subscriber burnout", it often occurs due to reasons that could have been avoided by recognizing and correcting the practices that caused it in the first place.

How to combine product-led and sales-led growth models.
“Low touch does not mean no touch”: How to adopt a product-led sales model

Businesses currently employing only product-led or sales-led growth strategies should consider incorporating tactics from the other to maximize their growth opportunities. Here’s how to do it.

B2B SaaS marketers are focusing on retention in the current economic environment.
Retention strategies B2B SaaS marketing leaders are leveraging to weather the downturn

The economic downturn has seen many SaaS marketing leaders pivoting from the “growth at all costs” mentality that has dominated the tech sector for the past decade and shifting their focus to how sales and marketing can support onboarding and retention.

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Why SaaS businesses are using product-led growth to overcome rising costs and scale faster

SaaS businesses are under pressure to grow faster, but with less resources than ever before. A product-led growth model could help them to achieve growth targets that will otherwise be impossible to reach in the current economic environment.

website visitor tracking
How to implement web visitor tracking

Track known and anonymous visitor activity, capture lead and contact data, and display targeted messages or capture widgets.

How to overcome lead quality problems

If you have a flood of leads, but none of them are converting, you’re not alone. These strategies can help you overcome lead quality problems to bring better-fit leads into the funnel.


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“We were looking for a solution that was really easy to use, didn’t require a tech team, and would have a robust integration with Salesforce so we could trigger sales communications in a smarter way. Nobody else out there has what Ortto has.

Mica Shtewi
Tech Manager