Surveys software

Surveys software

Learn more about your customers and generate valuable feedback with survey software that is easy to use. Reach respondents where they are, with pop-ups, email, SMS, and more.

surveys software
Surveys software

Become a customer-centric organization

Get valuable feedback from your customers with custom surveys delivered at the right moment. Get insights at any stage of the customer journey, with pop-up, SMS or email surveys that are triggered by specific actions.

Surveys software

Incentivize participation with unique coupons

Increase participation in customer surveys by incentivizing opt-ins with unique coupons. Simply use our content editor to display a custom coupon code after a survey is submitted via email, pop-up, or SMS.

Surveys software

Tighten up your targeting

Show or send surveys at precisely the right moment and on the right page to ensure you never miss an opportunity for feedback. Set up post-purchase survey journeys, new feature feedback pop-ups, and more with ease.

Understand your customer with easy-to-use survey software and beautifully displayed reporting

Design branded surveys

Create branded pop-up and email surveys with ease using Ortto’s simple content editor and drag-and-drop customer feedback tools. With a brand book enabled, you’ll ensure every survey is completely on-brand.

Add a countdown

Ortto’s easy-to-use countdown timer allows you to create a sense of urgency around your survey or participation incentive. Ensure you get the feedback you need, when you need it.

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Optimize subject lines

Get subject line and content suggestions from Ortto AI to increase open rates and survey participation. Over time, Ortto AI will learn more about your brand and customers to optimize effectively.

Monitor performance

Report on every survey with automatically-generated reports over any given time period. Plus, activity feeds will show individual customer actions for the last 7-days so you can see how your audience is responding in real time.

Survey by segment

Ortto’s powerful segmentation capabilities allow you to segment your audience with any combination of customer, behavioral, transactional, and activity-based data so you can effectively target your survey campaigns.

Filter by survey activity

Filter audiences by survey activity to create audience segments to ensure you never re-target the same customer with the same survey. Track which customers used coupon codes, and send reminders to those who did not.


Will I need technical or design experience to set up surveys in Ortto?

Surveys delivered through widgets, pop-ups or emails can be easily set up without technical or design experience. Our simple survey editing tools allow you to customize survey content and ‘if this, then that’ rules without developer or designer help.

How can I send surveys to my customers?

Surveys can be delivered via email, SMS, or through pop-ups and widgets on your site. With Ortto campaigns, you can ensure that customers receive surveys on the most relevant channel. For example, if they’ve opted in for SMS delivery alerts, a survey could be delivered via SMS. If they prefer email, a survey could be delivered via email. And if the survey relates to website experience, the pop-up could appear on the relevant page.

How can I increase survey participation?

It’s easy to add an incentive to any survey with custom coupon codes. You can determine the exact amount or type of coupons and track how many customers redeem them after completing the survey.

Is Ortto right for my business?

Whether you’re a one-person business with 100 contacts or a large-scale enterprise with 1 million contacts, Ortto’s marketing automation platform will fit your needs. We have a wide range of plans available, and can scale with you. Start for free today, or request a demo to view our enterprise-level offering.

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"One of the things that made us choose Ortto above the rest is that it is very intuitive and easy to use compared to others."
- Marian V

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"With this tool, we can create customized workflows for different campaigns we run in our organization. It has an easy interface, which allows even a beginner to put their hands on it."
- Adityaa S

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"The templates are very intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to learn more about how to use this platform. In addition, it allows the creation of more creative and personalized email marketing and digital marketing campaigns."
- Alexandra W

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