Sales dashboards

Sales dashboards

Bring customer, firmographic, behavioral and transactional data together in one sales dashboard to track the metrics that matter to your business. Get deep insights on lead sources, customer behavior and lead-qualifying actions to grow your business.

Sales dashboards
Sales dashboards

Seamless integration with the platforms you love

We all know that a CRM doesn’t give you the entire picture. Our customer data platform integrates data from your CRM, subscription management platform, website, ad platforms and more to help you understand your customer.

Sales dashboards

Answer once unanswerable questions

Create customized dashboards that combine all of the most important metrics from all of your data sources to keep your team on track. Set goals, share and download dashboards, and edit with ease as your business evolves.

Sales dashboards

Data and analytics on tap, without a data analyst

Ortto’s data tools are easy to use and displayed beautifully to ensure every team member is empowered to make better, more data-driven decisions. Convert more leads into customers and find patterns that point to quality leads.

Sales dashboards that motivate your team and help grow your business

Unify customer data

It’s not just sales that need a single view of your customer. By unlocking all of your customer data, every team from pre to post sales will be empowered to make decisions that generate more leads and conversions.

Big screen viewing

Bring your sales dashboard up on the big screen with TV mode. You can stream your dashboards to any TV so everyone in your office, warehouse, or meeting can see dynamic reports on the metrics that matter.

Visualize the entire pipeline

Get a unified view of your buyer’s journey to see drop-off points and take action at every stage of the funnel. Ortto’s Sales Dashboard will report on the impact of those actions to help you perfect your pipeline.

Answer every question

Build reports that answer once unanswerable questions. Like ‘Which campaign led to the most qualified leads?’ or ‘Which product actions did freemium customers take before they activated a paid account?’

Attribute revenue

Find out which messages and channels are generating the highest quality leads in custom dashboards that track metrics like lifetime value. Demonstrate success and tweak your sales playbook to optimize everything.

Track engagement scores

Use a combination of activities to build engagement scores for each person and organization. Measure and act on engagement to upgrade your existing customers, drive revenue and increase customer lifetime value.


How much does Ortto’s cost?

Ortto offers plans for every business type and price. If you’re just getting started with marketing automation, try out our Free plan with up to 2,000 contacts. For small businesses, our Campaign tier starts at $29 a month. Our Business plan offers 20,000 contacts and 80,000 monthly email sends. All our plans are month to month, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

How does Ortto compare against other sales dashboards?

Ortto unifies your customer, account, website session, subscription, and product data together in a single customer view. With a single ‘backend’ for your SaaS, your team will be empowered to make better decisions about product features, onboarding flows, marketing campaigns, sales processes, and more. Plus, you’ll spend less time exporting and importing data, and more time unlocking deep  insights that help to grow your business.

Will I need technical experience to set up Ortto?

In short, no. Ortto’s marketing automation tools are easy to use with no coding skills required. Many of our integrations can be activated in just a few clicks, our drag-and-drop canvas is intuitive for your ease, and our analytics and reporting tools can be used by anyone in the business.

If you do require help, our help pages and support team are here for you.

I have a few more questions. Can you help?

Leave a few details in our contact form and we’ll connect you with an expert who can show you how Ortto can help your business grow.

sales dashboards

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"I like that it combines multiple marketing tools such as channels, customer data and social media into one single platform where I can look at all these factors and get analytics and reports."
- Francisco G

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g2 stars

"The reporting and dashboard system is well designed and saves us an immense amount of time when it comes to reporting to management."
- Aleksandar P

g2 stars

"The reporting and dashboard system is well designed and saves us an immense amount of time when it comes to reporting to management."
- Aleksandar P

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