Product analytics software

Product analytics software

Build a product that users can’t stop talking about with in-depth product analytics and insights. Find out which features customers adopt, how to fast track the ‘aha moment’, what your product-qualifying actions are, and more.

product analytics software

A unified customer view, designed for SaaS

You speak in sign ups, MRR, engagement, and subscriptions — so why shouldn’t your customer data platform? We’ve unified your customer, subscription and behavioral data so you can truly understand your customer.

Product Analytics Software

Grow faster with SaaS activity tracking

Identify and track activities across the entire customer and product lifecycle. Track everything from new trials, to subscriptions, to logins and engagement. Discover your product-qualifying actions to uncover hot leads.


Product data and insights, without a data analyst

Easily view subscription, customer, account, website session and product activity in one place in Ortto. With all your data displayed beautifully in one place, you’ll make better, more data-driven product decisions.

Product analytics software that empowers a product-led growth mentality in every department

Unify your data

It’s not just your product team who need product data. By unifying your data from sales, marketing, product, and customer support every member of your team will be empowered to make data-driven decisions.

Custom, shareable dashboards

Create custom dashboards with ease by adding reports, and using drag-and-drop functionality to prioritize. Stream your dashboards to any TV for meetings, easily share or download, or set up regular email reports.

Visualize the customer journey

Get a unified view of your customer’s journey to see drop-off or conversion points, and find your product-qualifying actions. Ortto’s product analytics will report on the impact of those actions to help you perfect your pipeline.

Answer tough questions easily

Build reports that answer once unanswerable questions. Like ‘Which campaign led to the most free trial leads that actually converted?’ or ‘Which product actions did freemium customers take before they activated a paid account?’

Attribute revenue

Find out which messages and channels are generating the highest quality leads in custom dashboards that track metrics like time to conversion and customer lifetime value.

Track engagement scores

Use a combination of activities to build engagement scores for each person and organization. Measure and act on engagement to upgrade your existing customers and reengage lapsed users with automated marketing campaigns.


How much does Ortto cost?

Ortto offers plans for every business type and price. If you’re just getting started with marketing automation, try out our Free plan with up to 2,000 contacts. For small businesses, our Campaign tier starts at $29 a month. Our Business plan offers 20,000 contacts and 80,000 monthly email sends. All our plans are month to month, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Visit our pricing page to compare plans and find the right solution for your business.

How does Ortto compare against other product analytics tools?

Ortto unifies your customer, account, website session, subscription, and product data together in a single customer view. With a single ‘backend’ for your SaaS, your team will be empowered to make better decisions about product features, onboarding flows, marketing campaigns, sales processes, and more. Plus, you’ll spend less time exporting and importing data, and more time unlocking deep insights that help to grow your business.

How does product analytics software work in Ortto?

With a single view of your customer journey and all product activity data tracked, you’ll be able to automate marketing messages to land in the right inbox, at the right time to help guide your users along their product journey.

Discover your product-qualifying actions with analytics, then nurture those leads with automated marketing messages. For enterprise-level clients, you can also set up automated Slack or email notifications to alert your sales team when a lead reaches product-qualified status. 

Help your new users reach their ‘aha moment’ faster with automated, personalized, and omnichannel messages that direct them to product tutorials and inspirational content. The more you do, the more you learn — use product analytics in Ortto to find out which messages or pieces of content are performing best and use Ortto AI to write high-performing subject lines and more. 

From onboarding to upgrading to engagement, Ortto’s product analytics software and automated marketing tools will help your SaaS business grow sustainably.

I have a few more questions. Can you help?

Leave a few details in our contact form and we’ll connect you with an expert who can show you how Ortto can help your business grow.

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"One of the things that made us choose Ortto above the rest is that it is very intuitive and easy to use compared to others."
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"I like that it combines multiple marketing tools such as channels, customer data and social media into one single platform where I can look at all these factors and get analytics and reports."
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"With this tool, we can create customized workflows for different campaigns we run in our organization. It has an easy interface, which allows even a beginner to put their hands on it."
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