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Big data challenges
Top 4 data challenges SaaS companies face, and how to fix them

For the vast majority of companies, acquiring data is not the issue. It’s structuring, organizing and operationalizing that data. In this blog, we share the top 4 data challenges SaaS companies face, and how to fix them.

Benefits of a customer data platform
8 reasons you need a CDP

The customer data platform has become a must-have in every business’s tech stack. In this blog, we explore some of the reasons you need a CDP, how Ortto stacks up against competitors, and more.

marketing automation dictionary
A-Z guide to marketing automation

Everything you need to know about marketing automation from A/B Testing to word of mouth marketing and everything in between.

Best customer data platform
10 best customer data platforms, plus features to look for

The search for the best-fit customer data platform (CDP) can be hard. We’ve rounded up the 10 best CDPs and the features to look for.

Customer data platform use cases
Top 9 customer data platform use cases

Why is everyone talking about customer data platforms (CDP)? We have collected nine use cases guaranteed to blow you away with what they can achieve.

Why the CRM is falling flat, and how a CDP can bridge the gap

At a basic level, the CRM and CDP both collect customer data. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that the CDP is more powerful and intelligent, and does a better job of managing customer relationships in your day-to-day life.

what is a Customer Data Platform
Everything you need to know about customer data platforms (CDP)

Let’s start from scratch. Learn what a customer data platform is, as we then explore the benefits it will have to your business

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“We were looking for a solution that was really easy to use, didn’t require a tech team, and would have a robust integration with Salesforce so we could trigger sales communications in a smarter way. Nobody else out there has what Ortto has.

Mica Shtewi
Tech Manager