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We’re upgrading Journeys customers to the all-new Ortto experience. You’ll still have access to your segments, lists, and journeys, PLUS you'll get access to all the new features in Ortto.

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Journeys new experience

What’s new?

This upgrade combines everything you know and love about Journeys, along with all the new features and improvements Ortto offers.

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In this video Michael Sharkey (CEO and co-founder) walks you through the Ortto customer journey platform:


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Frequently asked questions

What will happen to my Journeys account?

The journey builder, your journeys, lists, segments, messages — all Journey features will work exactly as they do now. You will simply access Journeys from within Ortto and benefit from an improved experience.

Will the pricing change?

No. Your subscription will stay exactly the same. However, if you chose to opt-in to new paid usage features such as SMS credits you may incur charges. These are opt-in only and we will not charge you without permission.

When will the upgrade happen?

The upgrade is planned to begin in late August 2022 and be completed by mid September 2022. We will notify you with more information prior to upgrading your account.

What do I need to do?

Absolutely nothing. We will roll out the release in stages from late August 2022. You will be notified before we upgrade your account. Your account will have no disruption during this period.

Why are you doing this?

Ortto is based on years of feedback from Journeys customers. Ortto has an entirely new data model, new campaign types, advanced reporting and dashboards, revenue attribution, and engagement scoring, and is 10x faster than Journeys. This upgrade will allow customers to take advantage of all of these upgrades without needing to do a complete migration.

I have more questions...

We’re here to help. If you have any more questions about the upgrade just reach out to our support team and we’ll be in touch.

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"It's a breeze to set up email marketing campaigns and journeys. I like the ability to create custom fields and automatically synchronize with Pipedrive. The screens are well-designed and not over-complicated. Underlying this uncomplicated design, is a lot of power."

Shane P

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"The Playbook journeys offer an unprecedented amount of control and customization compared to our old email marketing platforms. Being able to essentially program how our content is distributed is very powerful. The reporting and dashboard system is well designed and saves us an immense amount of time when it comes to reporting to management."

Aleksandar P

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