Google ads retargeting

Google ads retargeting

Boost conversions by automating your Google ads retargeting campaigns. Your ads will be incorporated into your customer journey to seamlessly personalize, optimize and encourage audiences to take action.

Qualified leads

Convert leads with ease

Ortto’s native Google Ads integration makes it remarkably easy to convert prospects. Ortto automatically enters new leads from Google campaigns directly into your database, segments them appropriately, and starts them on a tailored customer journey.

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Generate qualified leads

Push qualified leads to Google to automatically generate a lookalike audience with similar attributes to your best leads. Reach more people with your retargeting ads who look and behave similar to your best customers.

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Personalization at scale

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Ortto’s drag-and-drop canvas allows you to easily add and remove contacts from your Google Ads audiences. Then use customer data to personalize your ads right across the customer journey.

Outsmart your competitors and convert more qualified leads with Google ads retargeting

Incorporate ads in your journey

Seamlessly integrate your ads into the customer journey and visualize them in context. From the lead ad, send your customers emails, SMS and pop-up messages tailored to their behaviors.

Always-up-to-date audiences

Open and automatic channels of communication between Ortto and Google Ads. Create or update audiences in Ortto and they’ll automatically refresh the within Google ads, creating and updating the audience segment to target.

Detailed reporting and analytics

Easily build reports to track all key ad metrics across the customer journey. Use Ortto’s data visualization tools to gain insights and share reports to make data-driven decisions with your team.

Optimize your SEM budget

Make the most of the budget you've got with Google ads retargeting that converts product and sales qualified leads. Optimize everything with powerful reporting, and contact your new leads instantly thanks to automation.

Schedule messages at the right time

Deliver email or SMS marketing campaigns to your Google leads audience segments at a scheduled time and date, or use time-zone based delivery to scheduled emails at the same time in every region.

Attribute revenue to every campaign

Go beyond click-throughs and open rates to find out which journeys are generating orders, revenue and MRR. Built-in multi-touch revenue attribution makes attribution easy so you can continuously improve.


How much does Ortto cost?

Ortto offers plans for every business type and price. If you’re just getting started with marketing automation, try out our Free plan. For small businesses, our Campaign tier starts at $29 a month, with 2,000 contacts and 8,000 emails a month. Our Business plan offers 20,000 contacts and 80,000 monthly email sends. All our plans are month to month, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Visit our pricing page to compare plans and find the right solution for your business.

How does Ortto compare against other retargeting tools?

Ortto brings your customer, transactional, and behavioral data together in one platform to empower your team to make better marketing decisions. The seamless communication between Ortto and the Facebook integration allows you to follow up your leads faster, beating the competition. Safely sharing current customers, prospects and lookalikes between the two programs so your audiences always remain up-to-date.  

Automate comprehensive remarketing campaigns, personalized right across your customer journey to gain for new leads and leverage first-party data for retargeting. 

Our platform brings the customer data platform, marketing automation, and analytics and reporting together in one beautiful platform.

Will I need technical experience to set up and use Ortto?

In short, no. Ortto’s marketing automation tools are easy to use with no coding skills required. Many of our integrations including Google Ads can be activated in just a few clicks, our drag-and-drop canvas is intuitive for your ease, and our analytics and reporting tools can be used by anyone in the business. If you do require help, our help pages and support team are here for you.

Is Ortto right for my business?

Whether you’re a one-person business with 100 contacts or a large-scale enterprise with 1 million contacts, Ortto’s marketing automation platform will fit your needs. We have a wide range of plans available, and can scale with you. Start for free today, or request a demo to view our enterprise-level offering.

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"The integration with Google Ads is amazing. Ortto is a lead scoring and interaction tracking platform which provides all the means for easy business production enhancement."
- Santiago G

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"It's a breeze to set up email marketing campaigns and journeys. I like the ability to create custom fields and automatically synchronize with Pipedrive. The screens are well-designed and not over-complicated. Underlying this uncomplicated design, is a lot of power."
- Shane P

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"I can automate outreach campaigns and let leads come back easily. I save a lot of time, and I can handle way more campaigns at the same time."
- Aurélien M

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