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After switching from HubSpot, Mosaic has streamlined their webinar workflows to save time, increase sign-ups, and drive conversions. Today, webinars drive 75-80% of their leads, and webinar leads are the most likely to convert. 

Something that might have otherwise taken an ops team, a database manager, and a lot of time, we now have at our fingertips, and we can move really nimbly. Really, the sky’s the limit.

Ari Goldstein, Marketing Ops Manager at Mosaic

Battling burn-out and bore-out at the same time is no easy feat. You want to keep your team busy enough to feel motivated, but not so busy they feel overwhelmed. It’s a sticky problem any project manager has faced, and one that Mosaic is out to solve. 

Headquartered in New York City and launched in 2018, Mosaic is the first resource management SaaS solution that enables real-time collaboration for planning work. Harnessing the power of AI, no-code integrations and automation, Mosaic gives project managers, resource managers, and company leaders a real-time view of who is working on what, when, as well as any potential roadblocks to project completion. 

Like many SaaS companies, webinars are a key strategy in Mosaic’s growth toolbox. But gaining registrations, following up with attendees to drive conversions, and tracking the impact of webinars was easier said than done. Until they found Ortto.

About Mosaic

Mosaic is a next-generation resource management and workforce intelligence tool that allows project and people managers to effectively assemble project teams, staff projects, forecast workload, and strategically hire. With no-code integrations, sophisticated AI, and visual reports, Mosaic makes it easy to keep teams busy, without the burnout.

Launched: 2018

Location: New York, NY 

Industry: SaaS

Size: 40+ employees

Top features

BI reporting

BI reporting

Answer the tough questions and make better, more data-driven business decisions with built-in attribution tracking, and easy-to-build dashboards and reports.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Automate personalized messages with Ortto's email marketing software. Increase open rates with Ortto AI, track results with advanced analytics, and create beautiful branded emails with ease.

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Create customer journeys with Ortto's intuitive and visual journey builder. Automate repetitive tasks and get more time to strategize and optimize.

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Final word 

As an intelligent resource management SaaS solution, Mosaic’s team knows a thing or two about the importance of time management, prioritization, and the role automation plays in keeping teams motivated and focused on the things that matter. 

With Ortto, they have been able to streamline their marketing activity to drive higher-quality leads and more conversions.  

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