How tech talent agency, Double Yolk, is creating highly-personalized experiences for their clients with Ortto

Double Yolk

3 x MQLs

MQLs tripled by week


Avg email open rate


Above avg industry open rate*

With Ortto holding a prime position in their tech stack, Double Yolk are creating highly-personalized journeys for their clients and leads, and supercharging growth in the process.

What I love about Ortto is the filtering that is available across the whole platform. We can easily segment our audience, set up our journeys and create reports using this robust filtering

Jack Coleman, Founder at Double Yolk.

After a data deep dive, the Double Yolk team identified a problem that so many B2B companies have faced: They were doing a great job of bringing in new leads, but were struggling to nurture those leads to conversion. They had this large audience and good profiling information but the data wasn’t easily accessible to execute campaigns around.

Double Yolk implemented Ortto and, within just a few months, were able to fix the many inefficiencies they were facing with their customer and prospect audiences, and access the data they needed to execute highly-personalized campaigns. Today, they have seen incredible results from their lead nurturing and engagement customer journeys, and have a deeper understanding of who their customer is and how to engage with them, 1:1. 

About Double Yolk

Double Yolk is a Resource-as-a-Service business which provides full-time, senior-level technical talent to fast-moving tech companies who wish to quickly start and scale their product development team. Their dedicated development teams seamlessly integrate with companies existing in-house expertise using the same tools, methodologies and embracing the same mindset. DoubleYolk helps companies achieve their mission-critical technical projects and goals.

Launched: 2018

Location: Australia, New Zealand, India and the United States

Industry: HR and talent acquisition

Size: 20+ employees

Top features

Pipedrive Integration

Pipedrive Integration

Integrate Pipedrive into Ortto to deliver a better pre and post sales customer experience and close more deals by creating connected, personalized experiences across all your channels.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Automate personalized messages with Ortto's email marketing software. Increase open rates with Ortto AI, track results with advanced analytics, and create beautiful branded emails with ease.

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Create customer journeys with Ortto's intuitive and visual journey builder. Automate repetitive tasks and get more time to strategize and optimize.

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The final word

 When it comes to software developer talent, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and Double Yolk is acutely aware of this. The team at Double Yolk work hard to ensure they know their customers' business.  Ortto has allowed Double Yolk to easily unify that customer intel and craft effective customer journeys to drive business growth.

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