Brand book builder

Brand book builder

Never send a message that looks off-brand again. Ortto’s brand book builder allows you to set brand colors, logos, and default template styles to ensure every email looks and feels like you.

Brand book builder
Brand book builder

Enforce brand styles

Set brand styles in your brand book to send every message with confidence. Configure colors, fonts, logo and more in a single place and watch as your email templates magically adjust to fit.

Brand book builder

Customizable email footers

Set your email footer up in template settings, and use brand book to change the color of reaction icons, social icons, text, and fill. Think of your footer as your brand’s signature — consistency is key.

Brand book builder

Enhanced typography settings

Anyone, regardless of their design experience, can create a beautiful email or popup with typography settings that go deeper than font selection. Set a heading size, body size, and even line-height to achieve pixel-perfect designs.

A brand book builder that empowers everyone to create and send on-brand messages.

Brand palette

Set your brand palette with ease in your brand book builder to ensure that every email represents your brand. Use hex codes or the color picker to create a default brand book that everyone in your company sticks to.

Font packs

Choose from font packs including minimal, energetic, youthful, or bold, or upload custom fonts and set heading and body fonts to ensure that every email is on perfectly on brand.

Button settings

Ensure your customers take action by creating a consistent button style. Choose a shape as well as fill, border, and text color. Ortto will enforce your button style across communications.

Create branded emails 

With your brand book set up, customizing email templates or creating your own is simple. Add images and dynamic content, craft copy, and watch as your email magically adjusts to fit your brand styles.

Capture widgets

Ensure every pop-up really pops with customizable widgets that fit your brand book specifications. Spin the wheel, forms, surveys, bars, and takeovers will fit match the rest of your site to ensure your brand is consistently you.

Precise style controls

If you can dream it, Ortto can do it. Control padding, borders, shadows, colors, widths, and columns with precision. Your brand book will enforce specifications across templates.


How much does Ortto cost?

Ortto offers plans for every business type and price. If you’re just getting started with marketing automation, try out our Free plan. For small businesses, our Campaign tier starts at $29 a month, with 2,000 contacts and 8,000 emails a month. Our Business plan offers 20,000 contacts and 80,000 monthly email sends. All our plans are month to month, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Visit our pricing page to compare plans and find the right solution for your business.

How does Ortto compare against other marketing tools?

Ortto brings your customer, transactional, and behavioral data together in a single customer view to empower your team to make better decisions about marketing campaigns, sales processes, and more. 

By bringing the customer data platform, marketing automation tools, and analytics and reporting together, you’ll spend less time exporting and importing data, and more time discovering the insights that grow your business.

Will I need technical or design experience to set up my brand book in Ortto?

No. Ortto brand book builder is easy to use. It will load with some default styles for you to customize. Choose colors, typography settings, upload your logo, and select button and footer styles. From there, our drag-and-drop email editor will magically readjust to adhere to your brand book as emails are built. If you do require help, our help pages and support team are here for you.

Is Ortto a fit for my business?

Ortto was built for businesses that live online. No matter what kind of online B2C business you’re part of, Ortto is the all-in-one platform you need to visualize your customer journey and supercharge your growth. We have a wide range of plans available, including a free product that is available for anyone with up to 2,000 contacts. Start for free today, no credit card required.

I have a few more questions. Can you help?

Leave a few details in our contact form and we’ll connect you with an expert who can show you how Ortto can help your business grow.

brand book builder

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"I think that it's great for working with my team because everyone can add notes and stickers into our sequences and everyone will be able to understand each other's vision during an email campaign."
- Francisco G

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"One of the things that made us choose Ortto above the rest is that it is very intuitive and easy to use compared to others."
- Marian V

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"The templates are very intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to learn more about how to use this platform. In addition, it allows the creation of more creative and personalized email marketing and digital marketing campaigns."
- Alexandra W

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