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Grow with automated marketing across the entire B2C customer journey

Grow your brand faster with a customer data and marketing automation platform designed for businesses who sell online.

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Unleash the power of your customer data with one click integrations:

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Unlock new insights for growth with a revolutionary customer data platform

Ortto combines your customer, transactional and behavioral activity to build a single view of your customer. With all of your data in one place, you'll know exactly who you should be targeting, and when, across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Fast implementation

Unify your first-party data with one-click integrations to the most popular platforms — no developer required.

Data analysis, without the data scientist 

Advanced B2C campaign reporting doesn’t require a degree in data science. Use reporting templates and data visualization tools to track the metrics that matter.

Powerful segmentation

Powerful audience segmentation allows you to create highly-targeted campaigns across every stage of the customer journey.

Activate your audience with personalized, omnichannel marketing campaigns

Grow your revenue at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Pair marketing campaigns to each of your target audiences, optimize with Ortto AI and track attribution from every campaign and message.

Track the activities that matter

Bring together all your transactional and behavioral activities in real-time to understand what actions or events lead to sales.

A/B testing

Create segments to A/B test email subject lines, pop-up messages, SMS content, and more. Learn what works and watch your business grow.

Optimize with Ortto AI

Better your best with Ortto AI. Get recommendations on high-CTR subject lines and what time, day, and content type leads to conversions.

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Easily answer the tough questions with visual analytics that keep your team on track to reach their goals

Go beyond click-throughs and open rates to find out which messages and channels are generating revenue. Track the metrics that matter to your business in reporting dashboards that are always up to date.

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Answer once unanswerable questions

Easily build reports that answer questions that span across all of your customer data, such as "Which UTM campaign led to the most orders?".

Enhance data literacy across the entire organization

With your customer data accessible to your whole team in easy-to-build, easy-to-read dashboards, you can empower your team to make data-driven decisions.

Exceed your goals with dashboards

Combine all of your needle-moving metrics in a single dashboard. Easily set goals and share dashboards with your whole team.

Visualize your entire marketing funnel

Build funnels and cohorts that show every step of your marketing funnel. See drop-off points in the customer journey and take action to increase conversion rates.

Join thousands of brands delivering a better customer experience

These leading brands are growing with Ortto

A complete solution for growing B2C

Create unique and traceable coupons

Create and manage unique coupons for each campaign. See how coupons contribute to revenue.

Drag and drop dynamic content

Add product recommendations, best sellers, recently browsed or abandoned products to your emails.

Measure email sentiment with reactions

Allow subscribers to give feedback on every email you send. Use feedback and sentiment to improve your content.

Write high-performing subject lines with AI

We've trained our AI to help you write better subject lines. Get automatic suggestions to drive your open rates higher.

Grow with SMS

Send SMS promotions, reminders and confirmations to your customers. Start and respond to SMS conversations.

Brand book builder

Set brand styles in Ortto’s brand book to send every message with confidence. Configure colors, fonts, logo and more in a single place and watch as your email templates magically adjust to fit. 

Measure success

See the impact of every campaign with revenue attribution and reporting. Send your dashboards to stakeholders by generating a sharable link.

Lead capturing

Capture new leads instantly with Facebook and Google integrations or using onsite pop-ups that ensure leads go straight to your CDP. Plus, set up automated campaigns to land in lead’s inboxes before your competitor does.

Automate workflows

No-code integrations will connect your apps so you can set up automated workflows and keep your team on track. You’ll never miss a beat with email alerts, automatic Slack status updates, and more.

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"With this tool, we can create customized workflows for different campaigns we run in our organization. It has an easy interface, which allows even a beginner to put their hands on it."
- Adityaa S

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"The overall outbound and inbound sales process has been streamlined in such a way where we are able to focus on data generation as opposed to following up on on things that can be automated."
- Alexi D

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"I find Ortto to be a great ally in my marketing strategies as I can plan email campaigns and it has a great automation service as well as sequence."
- Francisco G

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